Thursday, 3 November 2011


John Waters. I thought he couldn't get any more boss but I just read an interview where he talks about a new film he has in the works called Fruitcake and he went and got a whole lot more boss.

Q. What's Fruitcake about?
A. It's about a very functional family of meat thieves, we have them in Baltimore. There's a guy who comes around and yells "Meat man!" and you come downstairs and you say "I want two steaks and some hamburgers" and they go shoplift it and you pay half what's on the sticker. This is a lovely family, they're taking their Christmas orders, and Fruitcake the little boy gets caught and they all have to scatter."

Meat thieves. This is a film that must be seen. Woody Allen's new movie Midnight In Paris must be seen too. I am very excited about this. Here's five reasons why: 1. It's a Woody Allen film but 2. Woody Allen isn't in it, 3. Owen Wilson and his marvelously busted nose and Adrian Brody and his marvelously large nose are in it, 4. Papa Hemingway, Dali and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald are all characters, 5. It's about the past appearing to be more alive with possibilities than the present, which is the best premise for anything, ever. I would like Jason Schwartzman to have been in it because aside from thinking he's amazing I will forever associate him with Owen Wilson and Adrian Brody because of The Darjeeling Limited. At the moment I'm watching him in Bored To Death. It's a new genre of TV. They call it hipster-noir, but don't let that put you off.

                                 Duke & Lacerda. -"We're just good patriotic Americans like yourselves."

Best. Wedding photos. Ever. Kurt's pyjamas! Courtney's dress that belonged to Frances Farmer! Courtney in general! Dave in a lei! Rock 'n Roll.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in Mysterious Skin and StopLoss. I cry like a grieving widow in StopLoss.
It's about young US soldiers back from Iraq. It's harrowing. It's also evidence that Ryan Phillippe is more than a corn-fed prettyboy. He's a corn-fed pretty boy who can, y'know, act real good & stuff.

"You smell me girl. I smell like money."

Beautiful etsy seller's clothes from Austin, Texas..

Straight on, baby.

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