Saturday, 15 December 2012

List of Things That Get On My Nerves

List of Things That Get On My Nerves  
Unsalted food
People who refer to magazines as ‘books’
Grey Nomads
Grey Nomads who call their caravan arrangements ‘rigs’
People with food sensitivities
People who wax lyrical about Shantaram
Olive oil
People who use the terms ‘bucket list’, ‘me time’, ‘retail therapy’ and ‘flick me an email’
Police procedural TV shows
Baz Luhrmann’s ultra-modern soundtracks
Baz Luhrmann movies
Coffee table books
The self-help industry
The vitamin industry
South Australia
Women who fan their faces with their hands when crying/trying not to cry
Those inane configurations of ornamental letters people have in their homes spelling out words like Eat, Peace, Love, Family, etc
The words “I’m on a detox”
Rapid fire TV dialogue as popularised by Aaron Sorkin
Instagram food photos
Q&A audience questions, Q&A tweeters, politicians on Q&A, Q&A generally
Animated movies
People who still morally denounce Woody Allen’s choice of wife and use this as a reason for not watching his movies
People, pretty much

Seasons greetings and jingle bells. It’s been real.

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