Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jarryd Hayne's Big Fat Booty

God. The Raiders’ self-destruction mission so inflamed me that I completely dropped the ball on this Origin business.
It didn’t take much to get me up to speed. Here’s what I learnt:
The Blues are in camp. They are ready to punch on. Bird (obviously), Jennings, the lot of them. I wish them every success (obviously). The end.

Now let’s look at some photos.
The Hayne Plane came out of the hangar on the weekend.

This got me thinking about the track listings on this mysterious tape that was found on the street in south-east Michigan. Y’know, because Hayne has huge hind-quarters? He’s stacked! See also: Sir Mixalot.

If you’re after someone who looks to have more tattoos than teeth and cares not for being cowed by authority of any kind, here’s Todd Carney, being as awesome as always:

Go Blues - seek & destroy. 

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