Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Todd Carney - Never Trust a Tea-Drinking Man

Around this time in the afternoon before Origin 2 a few weeks ago Ricky Stuart and Todd Carney sat down and had a cup of tea together.

I really have no further comments. Well, I have one, and it is that I DON’T TRUST A TEA-DRINKING MAN. But, whatever. I don’t entirely trust the Blues to get the job done tonight either, but that may just be me transferring my festering sense of inadequacy elsewhere.

Speaking of, my brother is unconvinced that Carney is a big-game player. He also believes he has some obvious and severe mental issues. This is unwarranted. Look at these photos. They are enough for me to put aside my distaste for men - no - footballers who drink tea, and they should absolutely put to rest any concerns about Carney’s mental regularity. No one with a slipped mind or a deficiency in self-belief would wear lycra leggings with this much panache. Unless of course they were so far gone that they no longer knew what they were wearing, which is not the case and god-willing will never be the case.  

No, these leggings announce two things:
-Don’t fuck with me, &
-Who gives a shit?
This is really everything you can ask of your clothes.
In any case, now is not the time to question Carney’s grasp on reality. Now is the time to say GO SON. GO FORTH AND BE FABULOUS.

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