Sunday, 19 June 2011

Someone Forgot to Take Their Meds

Those throwaway joke-jibes like 'someone forgot to take their meds today' are about to take on a whole new dimension.

As of yesterday I'm undertaking something that is widely ill-advised, which is going off my medication abruptly and without consulting a healthcare professional. The last doctor I was seeing was killed, also abruptly, as it were, when the car she was travelling in hit a power pole on a country road several months ago, and the doctor I saw before that unnerved me greatly with his piercing, ratlike eyes and red, gelatinous nose, so I don't actually have a healthcare professional and am aiming to keep it that way.

My dispiriting experiences with Canberra's medical system have jaundiced my opinions of doctors for the moment, if not forever. I am far closer to understanding and empathising with those flinty-eyed types who eschew all medical treatment, whether Eastern or Western, and pepper their dogma-heavy dialogue with phrases like 'fucking quacks'.

Who, me, scarred and disillusioned? Maybe just a little. I'm not turning my ranch into a fortress and threatening to shoot any government official who sets foot on my land just yet if that's what you're thinking. Although if I had me a ranch* I would probably consider fortification. Well, wouldn't you?

*My brother, by the by, thinks the term 'dude ranch' is just the last word in halarity. He's always looking to insert it into everyday conversation, which is quite an undertaking when you think about it (which, unless you're my brother, you probably haven't).

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