Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Whiskey Oscar Whiskey = Origin

Well. I hate to sound biased and vindictive but fucking suck on THAT Queensland you filthy arrogant overachieving tip-rat batards.

Question: How sweet was that?!
Answer: So so so so SO sweet.

So sweet that my blood sugar levels have blown out to such a degree that I haven't been able to blink since the much maligned (by me: he's a grub) Jamie Soward pulled off that incredible kick play to set up the much loved (also by me: he's a champion) Anthony Minichello's MATCH CLINCHING TRY.

Obviously I was unable to sleep all night too, which really goes without saying given the circumstances - by which I mean GIVEN THAT NEW SOUTH WALES WON AND ALL.

Also, given that I am semi-delerious and may or may not be experiencing the odd hallucinatory, blue-tinged vision, I feel I should keep this short and save my expert and objective match analysis (ahem) and Paul Gallen love-fest for later in the day.

So. On with a quick wrap-up of my favourite moments.

Michael Ennis' high shot on Corey Parker.

Hands down, without a doubt the best bit of the night (aside from the winning of course, but that came later, and was entirely unexpected). Eight minutes in and Ennis was already pouring blood all down his face from a gash somewhere on that huge horsey mug of his. The tape wrapped around his head made him look like even more of a warrior, which I hitherto thought impossible, in all honesty. WRONG. His hit on Parker was high as an elephant's eye and brazenly, enthusiastically illegal and everything about it screamed Origin, it was brilliant. Made more brilliant of course by the fact that outside of Origin they're best mates. Nothing encapsulates the 'state against state, mate against mate' ethos like sending your groomsman and the godparent of your children on a thirty second trip to Disneyland in front of the entire nation I feel.

Hearing Phil Gould say "WOW".

This is actually one of the great joys of my life, and if you haven't heard it - if you haven't heard the great Gus Gould roll the word "wow" around every corner of his mouth before releasing it in all it's rich, throaty, drawn-out glory - well, you haven't lived. I mean, look at yourself.

When Gus says the word "wow", you know he is really, really impressed. I won't lie, it gives me chills to hear it. It comes at those moments where you yourself are sitting watching something marvellous unfold and thinking that this truly is the greatest game of all, and then Gus steps in as commentator and just sums up all the emotion and everything you're feeling, regardless of team loyalties or whatever, with that one word. Powerful stuff.

This occured last night at the 49th minute when William-the Mormon missionary-Hopoate scored a typically awesome try for the blues and put us into the lead for the first time in the game. Gus said "wow", and the rest, as they say, is history.

I mean that literally too - last night; that win was historic and epic and everything about it confirmed what we all already know but love more than anything to be reminded of: that rugby league truly is the greatest game of all*.

My favourite Origin photo.
Captain Gallen, flanked by Warrior Ennis, allowing himself to breath out upon winning. Incredible.

*And that it's over for the Maroons, obviously.

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