Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Judgement Day Q&A.

Origin Morning!
So much excitement, so many questions.

Q. Will my jangled nerves be able to hold up over the duration of what is to be a long and tension-filled day?
A. Will they fucking ever! Bring it on!

Q. Will the mighty Blues be adequately prepared for the onslaught of underhanded Queensland tactics including grapples, stomps, facials, and other unspecified niggles and cheap shots?
A. As above.

Q. Will Michael Ennis manage to maintain his composure?
A. Not sure. He's likely to unleash on Nate Myles at some stage. And yes, it may well be at a crucial stage of the game. It's Michael Ennis, remember.

Q. Will Darius Boyd make Mark Gasnier his bitch a'la Origin 1?
A. Highly likely. Darius is fierce.

Q. Will Paul Gallen absolutely own the game again merely by way of his unadulterated, gladiatorial awesomeness?
A. Yes. Yes he will.

Q. Will Johnathan Thurston a) Call a Blue a spastic, b) Call a ref a spastic, c) Call Locky a spastic, d) Cry?

Q. Will Gus Gould's pre kick-off speech rival only Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in terms of the hair-raisingly raw emotional power and passion of the spoken word?
A. Totally. If this speech doesn't rouse you and make you either start swallowing hard and blinking rapidly (if you're staunch), or tearing up and emoting freely (if you're me) then you have have absolutely no business watching this game. Or reading this blog. Or, quite possibly, living.

Q. Will any Blues miss the bus to Suncorp stadium this year?
A. Not on Sticky's watch they won't.

Q. Will there be biff?
A. Absofuckinlutely! Does a bear shit in the woods?

Q. Will Sam Thaiday take any and every oppurtunity to create and/or insinuate himself into any and every bit of biff?
A. As above.

Finally, here's two alternate versions of my favouite moment in recent Origin history, or, as I like to call it, the moment where Brett White responds to Justin Hodges' taunting snake eye gesture by grinning through a mouthful of blood and busted teeth, LAUGHING, AND LICKING HIS LIPS.

The hottest and nastiest thing I have ever seen on a football field thus far, in other words.


  1. to make matters worse. the word i had to type in to verify that comment worthy of posting was "booings". night babe.