Wednesday, 20 July 2011

...& Metallica Song Titles For All

From Friday onwards my brother and I will be communicating only by way of Metallica song titles. I know. I can scarcely contain myself, it's gonna be fuckin awesome.

He and I have lapsed into Metallica song-talk from time to time over the years, but only casually. Recreational use, if you will. The last time was by way of a spontaneous exchange of texts during Gillard's shafting of Rudd. Times of trauma lend themselves well to such treatment. My brother was the hero of the day with his 'The Struggle Within' text, which said it all, really. Still does.

Sometimes I used to get him to read me the song names from a randomly chosen Metallica album just so I could squeal in delight and kick my legs in the air in appreciation of their devastating perfection and searing truth. They're THAT good. To use more technical terms, they're shit hot and funny as fuck.

I mean, 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity'? Talk about grim and glorious resonance. (That there is my all-time favourite, by the way - *cue rock salute*)

I didn't have access to the entire Metallica back catalogue in those days. Now -  *cue thrashy riff* -  I do. I feel locked, loaded and lethal. Fuck, that could be a song title right there. Lars, call me. Mad respect.

Ok. Hit the lights. Time to ride the lightning, hermano.

....because nothing says FUCK YEAH METALLICA lika a VW

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