Sunday, 16 September 2012

Jay-Z's Mental Health Advice

Mental Health Advice from Jay-Z’s ‘Get Your Mind Right Mami’
Mamis! Wanting to get your mind right but not sure how to go about it? Here’s how.
1.Relax yourself; let your conscience be free
2.Make yourself hot -  the topic of discussion in every nail shop
3.Say bye to Reebok, say hi to Chanel -  say hi to Gucci, Prada as well
4.Take a look in the mirror, be proud of yourself
5.Brassiere get right  - A to a D cup -  weave get tight, pedicure your feet up
6.Hold this work in your dentures
7.Relax mami, let the Belvy flow – inhale the ‘dro, exhale it slow
8. Fuck with Hova. He can take you out of this hell


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