Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Dream I had About Greg Inglis

A few nights ago I had a great dream it was about Greg Inglis and that’s not a sentence I ever expected to write but there you have it I was sitting inside a parked car and Greg Inglis was outside looming in teasing me about how good I thought he was while standing with his legs wide open as far apart as they could go and periodically rearranging his balls not in an obscene or menacing manner but in a toddler who hasn’t been taught the ways of the public world manner it was kind of endearing and sweet as balls themselves often are and he was saying “so I’m in your top ten then am I aye aye” grinning and fiddling and I said to get real don’t you know who you’re dealing with and woke up with that song in my head along with Greg Inglis and his balls maybe I ate too much cheese before bed that night. 

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