Monday, 10 September 2012

Paul Gallen Boo-Boo

From the I Fucked Up files:
I have made an appalling discovery no not microphones hidden in the kitty litter worse than that it’s the sudden realisation that I have been spelling Paul Gallen’s name wrong FOR TWO YEARS. The only legitimate explanation aside from me being retarded is that the mere thought of Paul Gallen puts me in an altered state of consciousness and he’s lucky I’ve been able to type his name at all such is the brain-scrambling effect he has on me. He gives me vertigo. Well, I’m sorry.   
Anyway, here is evidence that Gal can be light of heart. Unless he is choking on that apple. Why is he even eating an apple anyway it doesn't seem right. Fruit? Pooh to fruit. He should be eating roasted swan.

There’s more.
ToddBlog would like the record to state that the person identified as J-bo in the previous post’s photo was not J-bo but in fact  - as she astutely pointed out -  “a short, stocky man”. J-bo is not short, she is not stocky and she is not a man. ToddBlog made a boo boo. Toddblog apologises for any distress this may have caused. ToddBlog was suffering from strobing eyes for most of yesterday after the heady night prior. ToddBlog is only now recovering its equilibrium.

Here is a nice photo to smooth things over. J-bo IS NOT PICTURED although she does look a lot like Drew Barrymore now that I think about it. Jesus Christ my eyes must really have been malfunctioning yesterday. Sorry girl.

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