Sunday, 1 May 2011

Birth of Blog

What do you do when the wheels of the world threaten to grind you under?
You start a blog. Duh.

Ergo, We Need To Talk About Todd is born of
  - Inability to stifle the thought that life, which seems to be nothing so much as an irritationg drain on the senses and spirit, has taken a series of disappointing turns.
  - Winter bearing down, 29th birthday looming.
  - Absence of job, absence of prospects.
  - NRL team losing in increasingly spectacular fashion, with unnerving, rock-solid consistency.
  - Continued existence of Nickelback.
  - Dogs baying, vultures circling, etc, etc, etc.

It remains to be seen, but blogs appear to be a socially acceptable method of distracting ourselves from the darkness of our souls.
Time will tell.

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