Thursday, 12 May 2011

Josh Dugan's Excellent Hairline

Being a sensitive type sucks. I pick up on shit. For the last few weeks I've been sensing a slight swing against Josh Dugan in terms of public sentiment. No one's quite come out and said he's acting like a dick as yet but the insinuation is there I CAN FEEL IT. Also, Phil Rothfield and Rebecca Wilson have alluded to it, so, y'know, IT'S OUT THERE.

In a nutshell, the word is that Dugan has an ego that has

a) Landed, and

b) Is out of control.

I don't know. I can't imagine this to be the case, but what I can say for certz is that I saw him hustling into the Canberra courts of law last year in a sweet suit and he looked fresh to death.

By the way, when I told my brother this he asked me, dead set, "did it look like a good suit?"
My answer was double barrelled:

a) Who are you, Patrick Bateman? and

b) No. But my definition of a "good suit" for Dugan would be of the birthday variety.

Now, I failed in finding a photo of Duges rocking a suit. So here's one of Willie Mason instead. Taking a leak. In broad daylight. In Mosman. (You're welcome)

Anyways. I think he looks baby-bird shy and humble myself, and, sensitive soul that I am, I worry about him getting wind of the whispers and getting his fledgling feathers all ruffled up.

On the other hand, maybe he is being a bit of a dick. If he has got a bit of a swagger on, well, whatever. I am of the opinion that anyone who has as fierce and as low a hairline as Dugan (see also M. Ennis) is entitled to rock a Mundine/Sailor sized ego like it's nobody's business. It's creeping DOWN his forehead! Wonderful beyond words.

Also, didn't he do a tidy job for Country on the weekend? Boy is a menace with the ball!

Props to him for his part in what seemed to be a cheerful and civilised 80 minute encounter with Jarryd Hayne, too. As in, congrats for doing nothing to inflame Hayne's righteous ire. Well played. You're way too pretty to be punched.

Josh Dugan. I approve of his existence entirely. In a nutshell.

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