Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I Prescribe Bukowski.

Woken up in a dim frame of mind?

Finding the world to be a place of deep and depressing cheerlessness?

Do as I do. Look to Bukowski.

 "This morning I stood on the front lawn, sun coming down, I was bare-foot, nobody around, all these high rises, everybody off somewhere on their fucking crosses, and I stood there in the sun, haven't shaved in two weeks, hair uncombed, ripped shirt, four buttons missing from the fly of an old pair of army pants somebody had given me, and I smoked a cigarette and grinned into the world, knowing its shit and its blood and its plan.....Of course, the butcher knife is still in the kitchen and I keep it good and sharp on the stone steps and that's part of it too. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME, BABE, STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME. And a little bit of luck is nice too, but don't go look for it."

Ingest daily or as needed.

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